Eastern Training Weapons
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Wooden Dummy (Mook Yan Jong)
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Western Training Weapons
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Miao Dao (Sprout Saber)

$159.00 - $179.00
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Miao Dao (Sprout Saber) with Jatoba Hilt
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hilt Wood Choices:
Hickory, Jatoba, Purple Heart

Miao Dao (Sprout Saber)

$159.00 - $179.00

The Miaodao “sprout saber” a more recent saber of the Chinese Republic era (1912-1949) has a long curved single-edged blade with a long handle and resembles the Japanese Odachi “great sword” in design. The name has come to be applied to a variety of earlier Chinese long sabers, such as the Zhanmadao “horse chopping saber” (Song Dynasty 960-1279) and Changdao “long saber” (Ming Dynasty 1368-1644).

Blade length: 38"
Blade width: 1-5/8"
Blade thickness: 3/4"
Handle length: 18"
Avg. point of balance: 7" from guard.
Avg. weight: 2.3 lb. to 2.5 lb.