Eastern Training Weapons
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Wooden Dummy (Mook Yan Jong)
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Western Training Weapons
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Tai Chi Chang Dao

$159.00 - $179.00
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Tai Chi Chang Dao with Hickory Hilt
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hilt Wood Choices:
Hickory, Jatoba, Purple Heart

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Tai Chi Chang Dao

$159.00 - $179.00

The Tai Chi (Taiji) long saber is the same as the Tai Chi Dao but with a longer blade and handle. Some Tai Chi styles use this saber, with S-guard and ring pommel. The guard is made from two laminated cross grained pieces of wood and is 1" thick for strength.

Blade length: 34" to 40"
Blade width: 1.5" at the guard.
Blade thickness: 5/8"
Handle length: 10" (without ring pommel)
Avg. point of balance: 5" to 7" from the guard.
Avg. weight: 1.5 lb. to 1.9 lb.