Eastern Training Weapons
Jian - 8 Items Sabers (Dao) - 12 Items Butterfly Swords - 4 Items Polearms - 5 Items
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Wooden Dummy (Mook Yan Jong)
5 Items
Western Training Weapons
15 Items

Shoto (Short Sword)

$80.00 - $110.00
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Shoto (Short Sword) - Hickory Hilt No Tsuba
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hilt Wood Choices:
Hickory, Jatoba, Purple Heart

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Hickory Hilt With Tsuba

Shoto (Short Sword)

$80.00 - $110.00

The Shoto or wooden wakizashi has a blade length of 1-2 shaku (about 12" to 24").
Available with or without attached tsuba (guard). The tsuba is made from two pieces of laminated cross grained hickory for maximum strength. It can not loosen or slide off the blade.

Blade length: 18"
Blade thickness: 3/4"
Tsuka length: 7"
Overall length: 25"
Sori (curvature): 3/8"
Avg. weight: 1 lb

Custom blade and tsuka (handle) lengths available upon request.