Eastern Training Weapons
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Wooden Dummy (Mook Yan Jong)
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Western Training Weapons
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Qiang (Spear)

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Qiang (Spear)


The Qiang (spear) is known as "The King of Weapons" and is one of the four major Chinese martial arts weapons, along with the gun (staff), dao (saber), and the jian (straight sword). Many Chinese martial arts include spear training in their curriculum.
The handle is constructed from two laminated hickory boards for maximum durability and to help prevent warping. The hickory blade is made with a 12" tang which is laminated and riveted into the handle for superior strength.

Blade length: 10"
Blade thickness: 3/4" – Diamond cross-section, with rounded edge.
Overall length: 73" to 83"
Avg. weight: 2.5 lb.